Your phone, your palm, a deck of cards…all perfectly pocket-sized!
Capitalize on this natural convergence to the perfect form-factor with mobiDECKS.

Can you envision your content in the hands of millions?


Nearly every one of your customers has a smart device with them right now, so make sure your content is at their fingertips.

Isn’t it time you made the leap to mobile?


Free apps are for the (Angry) Birds!
The monetization-first strategy of mobiDECKS consistently places apps in the US 100 top grossing (and #1 in 9 other countries!)

Isn’t your content worth it?


The US and Canada, for sure…though also from Azerbaijan to Guatemala, Sri Lanka to Tanzania, mobiDECKS apps have been sold in over 140 different countries!

Are you reaching your audience worldwide?


Facebook and Twitter users can share about your company. Yet with mobiDECKS your customers can share your products themselves...all while you profit.

Can you envision your content becoming a form of currency?


Traditional e-books are text-heavy and rigidly structured. With mobiDECKS users can rearrange content to assemble and share their own new decks.

What can your customers help create?


Your identity is front-and-center with mobiDECKS white-label design approach.

What message will your brand shout into the mobile space?


Shuffle, sort, jump to a random card - the versatility of mobiDECKS cards allows for almost infinite variety!

Are you prepared for what’s next?


No question that everything is going digital…and mobile. A mobiDECKS app will catapult your business right back to the forefront.

Could your bottom line use a new revenue stream?


Beyond great public-facing apps, mobiDECKS is also a perfect vehicle to handle internal content for organizations large and small.

Would you like to brilliantly deliver training, orientation, or product information to your inside team too?


In-app purchases, sampler decks, and subscription options provide an escalating pathway for your customers to embrace your brand and grow their content library. Over 60% of mobiDECKS users purchase more, yielding 5-20x additional revenue.

Are you ready to grow right along with your customers’ interests?


Hardcopy and digital materials happily coexist in the the mobiDECKS ecosystem. Fears of cannibalization vanish as each version reinforces the value of the other, provides customers greater choice, and boosts sales across the board.

Can you imagine the cross-marketing and cross-selling possibilities?